Week 3: #gottheruns

This week proved that keeping a positive mind and outlook will yield good results!  Getting back on track with cleaner eating (I feel) also helped in keeping my mind clear and my runs stronger.   My kids seemed to know I was considering waking up a little earlier to get out before the heat rolled in and woke me up at 5:30 *insert grimace and eye roll here* BUT it worked out because I was able to collect myself, feed everyone, stretch and get out in time to get in REALLY good runs and felt good when I finished and not like I was about to die.

I also managed to find SOMETHING for dad for Father’s Day – which if you know my husband, you know he’s absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to shop for because he always buy’s what he wants for himself.  I used to be REALLY into gift giving but he’s so exhausting that now I just scope out his Amazon account and figure out what he has saved and buy it before he does.  It’s called marriage.  Nothing romantic happens here. (ha!) I did make some of his favorite meals while he built our fence over the weekend so I guess that’s got to count.  Plus I feel after carrying and shoving both of his children out of my lady bits, I get a free pass.

We spent much of his day lounging, which is kinda all he wants to do anyway since he rarely gets to do that – we ate, and ate, and ate, watched movies and played with the girls until they finally gave into sleep and allowed us to enjoy the last of the weekend before it starts all over again.

Luckily, Monday is my rest day and it’s pouring rain so I’ll be rotating the girls’ movies, letting them get play-doh everywhere and letting them do whatever will occupy them so I can get some writing done during this rainy day.  I don’t normally like being stuck inside all day long, but we plan to leave for Houston and have a jam packed schedule while in town so I’ll enjoy this day of “rest” and writing.

In the meantime, here was how Week 3 went!

Monday:  I was still in Houston today and without my shoes so, I did 2 miles before we had to get in the car and head back home to Louisiana.  It wasn’t much and it wasn’t good… but it was something.

Tuesday: Leg and booty workout in the garage using my Bosu ball (I’ve posted about this before and it’s one of my favorite things I use at home) along with some core exercises.  I also incorporate core into arm or leg day because after having kids, I just notice it takes a lot more to tone that area so I like to always work on it.  These workouts last anywhere from 20-30 minutes.

Wednesday:  Best run yet!  I did 4.02 miles pushing the girls in my neighborhood and didn’t have to stop.  It was AMAZING considering how badly they’d gone up until this day.

Thursday:  Arm workout inside my house and then I took the girls to a pond nearby where I love to exercise.  It’s clean, pretty, within a neighborhood and the girls can play while I get a workout in.  Also, around the pond is 1/2 a mile, so I do some kind of warm up like walking and doing lunges around once, then workout, then a walk back around and home!  this is 30 mins as well.

Friday: I did FIVE MILES!!! By far the longest I’ve gone, especially with the girls and I was REALLY proud of myself.  I do notice anytime I go over 4 miles, my knees give me trouble so I have these gel ice packs my husband got me a while back and I just rested them on my knees while we watched TV that evening and they were fine the next morning.

Saturday: upper body workout at the gym – about 40 mins here using weight and motions I can’t do at home

Sunday:  Lower body workout using heavier weights that I don’t have at home and machines that I can target my booty since that sucker LOVES to flatten out and leave me first.  Traitor.

And today, I will REST… and write.