#gottheruns: Week 2

This week could have been better, but I’m going to just focus on the fact that I put in the miles however pitiful they were.  I know everyone who runs religiously and everything you read says you need the carbs for energy and recovery, but they are just NOT my friend.  I find that my body feels heavier and LESS energy when I carb up before a run (even if it’s the night before).  So, at least for now, I will go back to what I did last year when preparing for my 10Ks.  

I prefer to do my morning smoothie, it does have carbs but it’s a banana so it isn’t heavy or too filling along with my pre-workout.  I like to have jerky or carrots and hummus, pistachios after as a snack and my carb with lunch and no carb (or very little) with dinner.  That’s just what my body likes (for now).  I understand as I push farther and continue on to get more miles in, I may feel differently but I just have to listen to my body and not what I read and hear.  

Also, I spent some time in Houston this weekend for a wedding and forgot my shoes at home… BUMMER!  Luckily, my cousin wears the same size and had some I could borrow, and although they didn’t hurt my feet or give mr knee problems, just the wear from her foot is different than mine and I was conscious of my feet the whole damn time.  I still forced myself to finish, but I don’t know if my poor run was from that (psyching myself out because running is mostly mental) or if this extreme heat and humidity is just taking its toll.  There is definitely more shade where I was versus where I live and I tried to go later in the evening and earlier in the morning, but I didn’t go late or early enough each time and was gassing out much faster.  

I might start using my hydration tablets now because I am already dehydrating really fast.

I also indulged WAY too much on carbs and that’s where my carb rant came from (haha) but lesson learned and I’ll be doing better this coming week.  I’m not all that concerned about my time right now, but I do want to have more consistent runs and stamina to complete them without stopping to walk.  

Here is what this week looked like:

Monday:  Rest Day!!!

Tuesday: 3.21 Miles – nonstop.  I did my smoothie and drink before, a Kind bar after and a carb with lunch.

Wednesday: Leg workout in my garage and low carbs

Thursday: 4.07 Miles – I did stop once but it was overall not a bad run considering I was pushing the kids.

Friday: 5 Miles (came into Houston and ran in the evening – around 6:30/7) – Horrible run – I pit stopped at 2 miles to chug water at my parents.  I walked maybe 1.5 or so miles of it and just could NEVER get in the zone.  I was wearing someone else’s shoes this run and had to stop a few times to adjust them to feel better on my feet.  It was rough, but I finished and I guess that’s better than nothing!

Saturday: Rest Day!  We wanted to take the girls to this place called Kangas by my parent’s house.  TOTAL blast there, it’s this big indoor play place where they have a section for younger kids as well.  Ball pits, big tunnels and mazes that you climb and crawl in.  Slides… a ton of fun and I think it was around $25 for both my kids.  From there we had to hurry home to get ready for a wedding, so although I would have liked to get a workout in, I value that fun time (that is so rare) to spend as a family and can spare the time not so dead set on working out.

Sunday: 4.1 Miles – Decent run.  I set out for 5 to try and “do better” but I started later than I wanted and the heat was just already torture.  I had 1 egg and 1 egg white scrambled, 2 pieces of bacon and my preworkout along with a granola bar.  I only stopped once for 1/4 mile and, although it was hard, I did OK.  I really want to get my diet on track to see if it helps my stamina so we will see on my next run how that is working out for me!

Afterward I had a bowl of watermelon as a snack and my mom made pot roast so I had that and some roasted rainbow potatoes and Brussels sprouts.  

Also, I got in 2 recovery miles before we drove back home to Louisiana and although I KINDA wished I had done 3, I was just over the shoe issue and wanted to get back home.  The plus side is, I got my workout done for the day and was able to focus on the massive clean that always comes when we return from our trips.

That’s it for week 2!  Good luck to everyone else working towards some personal goals this week!  Don’t get discouraged with your setbacks because that’s all they are, a minor setback and just shoot to improve the next time.  Don’t let them screw with your head.  I’m determined to make this training fun and to see what I am capable of.  So, even though I’m going to have a rough go some days, I’ll also have GREAT accomplishments along the way…

And so will you!