Week 1: #gottheruns

Week 1 was not bad!

It’s REALLY hot and humid, much sooner it seems this year than last, but I hit my goals and that’s all that matters.  I did have a friend recommend these hydration tablets which will come in handy the longer my runs get.  It’s so easy to get dehydrated in this heat and it’s proven to be my biggest obstacle in the past so I picked them up.


This last week looked like this:

Saturday:  May 26th (official Day 1) – 3.2 miles avg pace 10’35’’ 

Sunday: Working on arms for the first time in over a month at the gym.  No running today! (low carb day)

Monday: 2.02 miles, ran 1, walked 1/2 mile then finished the remaining 1/2 mile – I decided not to focus on pacing the rest of the week since I am running with the kids and it’s REALLY humid.  I wanted to work on building my stamina back up to run longer without having to stop.  I was happy with this one!

Tuesday: No running – low carb.  Did some lower body workouts in the garage.

Wednesday: 3.01 miles walked and ran –

Thursday: No running, upper body workout in my garage, low carb day

Friday: 3.2 miles, walked and ran

Satuday:  GYM DAY!  Lower body and low carb

Sunday: Ran 4.1 miles straight, no stopping (no kids) and a 10:05 pace!  REALLY pleased with this one.

Now – it’s hard to pay attention to my pacing when I push the kids because they’re heavier and my pace is obviously going to be faster when I don’t have an extra 70 plus pounds to push.  I am trying to work on maybe waking up earlier and doing my runs before my husband goes to work to see if I can go solo every time, however the girls actually like to go with me, so I might do that once in a while… definitely solo on the weekend when I have my longer distances.

I am eventually going to mainly focus on pacing and stamina during the week, hopefully 4-5 miles 2-3 times then add my miles on the weekend.  Since this is my first week back, I did not give myself a rest day… technically the days I do my garage/park workouts are resting because it’s not cardio.. but I want to have ONE day that I don’t do any exercise just to rest completely. 

If you follow my instagram, I shared some of my meals from the week, and the carbs I eat.  Some snacks I have for after runs/before lunch are Kind bars, pistachios, bananas.  Snacks for low carb, non running days… pistachios and jerky.  Also, on my running/carb days, I have my smoothie for breakfast, my preworkout that I drink a full mixer of water with and then my kind bar when I finish, and then some type of carb with lunch and NO carb with dinner.

Aside from my wine… I won’t give that shit up.  

I do NOT like to focus on weight because for one, if you’re working out, especially weight training and running… you’ll have more weight from muscle and water weight. Some days I’m REALLY lean while others I’m not.  I range from 115-118 lbs and I’m 5’2’’ (just for reference).  However, like I said, I don’t really care about that because as long as I am taking care of myself and feel good, it doesn’t really matter.  I weighed 110 when I got married and I ran like shit then… should you make sure your weight stays relatively steady because huge fluctuations can bad?  yes… but mine have not in quite some time so I probably weigh myself once a month?  

My calves are still getting used to running again so I have my foam roller to soothe those babies and it’s awesome.  Also, when I start pushing higher in the coming weeks, I might get some more epsom salt to soak once a week!

That’s it for this week!

Next week I will try to be consistent and run 2-3 times, 3-4 miles each and hopefully stop less often, if I stop at all.  Then my weekend run, I am hoping to push to 5 miles!