A couple years ago my running style can only be described as sad.  Just really pitiful.  But I set small goals for myself over time and although what I did is probably not how most “runners” would progress, but I did what worked for me.  Like anything I do that is for “me” i work it into how I can do it while still having my family as #1.  My progress is slow and my results don’t come as quickly as many, but this is what works fa ME!

That said, I know training for a half marathon is going to be much more intense and require a lot more planning and effort than I’m used to, however I chose this challenge and I will work around it like I have done everything else I put my mind to.

About 7 years ago I was 30 lbs heavier and couldn’t run a 1/4 mile if I wanted to.  A gym was incredibly foreign to me so I had to teach myself EVERYTHING – and I definitely learned the hard way.  NOW, I LOVE exercise and I love food and I have days where I overindulge and I have days I am super on top of life, but that’s the good thing about this… I do what I want and I have control so it makes it way more enjoyable.  

Earlier on, cutting carbs was necessary.  I was trying to break a bad habit and “addiction” to them and was more focused on weight training.

DSC08705However NOW – I have to reincorporate them in my diet.  I never truly cut them out, however I cut them down and tend to lean towards complex carbs, which is good, but if I will be doing this half… I have to eat more carbs.  LOTS of them for recovery and for energy.  Most of the recipes I’ve made over the years, are lower carb.  1.  Because my husband prefers a low carb diet and 2.  I was mostly weight training and running, at most, 4 miles every other day… I didn’t NEED that many carbs.  So I picked up this recipe book designed for runners that was recommended to me by this chick I am pretty sure is some type of running unicorn.   It will help me find those healthy carbtastic recipes along with WHEN to eat them.  Because yeah, you have to eat carbs at the right times when you’re training… so there’s that.  This will teach me all the goodness and I will share which ones I used/liked.

I’ve had a few people ask about my shoes.  Now, again, if you’re not running super DSC08703.JPGlong distances, I’m sure your Nikes or Adidas are fine.  But, beyond that… oddly enough… even though it says it’s a running shoe… they’re not all that great.  I ran a few 5Ks and found my knees giving me problems and even had some back issues… I went to Fleet Feet in The Woodlands and they had me try on several.  They see how you walk and tell you what shoe specifically works for how your shoe wears.  It’s necessary and worth the expense.  I bought a pair of Brooks, and they were horrible… I have friends who swear by them, but they did not give me happy feet.  Fleet Feet is great with their return policy, they WANT you to have the right shoe, so after I ran a few times and realized they were a no-go, I tried the Cloud and never looked back.  I’m now on my second pair (you shouldn’t run more than 300-500 miles on a pair of shoes.). They’re pricey, but again, necessary and my feet NEVER hurt.  Well, I take that back, I have a bunion on my left foot so that always aches, but I don’t have half the pain I used to, and my knees NEVER hurt nor my back.

Another REALLY handy guy is my Flip Belt, it’s also on Amazon, comes in many colors and machine washable.  It’s been on many runs with me and it holds my phone, keys, chapstick (can’t leave home without it) and I believe I have a Small.

DSC08701This is the pre-workout I use, if it can even be considered that.  It’s glorified coffee, but that’s all I need.  I don’t drink coffee and I’m a morning person, I don’t need a ton of caffeine, however it gives me that little extra boost without the jitters.  I drink it 15 mins before I workout or run and it’s great!  I like grape but it comes in several flavors and Amazon Prime has it… and let’s face it, if I can get it on Amazon, it’ll win every time.



I also need to be more conscious of my skin, so I picked up this sunscreen for my face.  I do wear a hat, but if I’m running longer distances on the weekends, I want to protect myself.  I’ve been using the Aveeno facial lotion that has an SPF but it irritates my skin when I sweat.  I ran with this new one and it’s great!

Lastly, this is the program I’m going to try and follow – I started my training Saturday the 26th with 3.2 miles.  They were rough considering I was restricted from running for 6 weeks.  I am having to build back up so it’ll be like starting from scratch, but it’s ok!  Monday I did another easy 2 mile recovery run, my pace was about 9:56 and I did it nonstop so I am proud of that.  My plan is to run 3-4 times during the week.  At first I’ll do 2-3 miles each time.. then 4-5 and up and up.  And then either Saturday or Sunday I’ll do my longer distances.  So this coming weekend I’ll push to hit 4-5 miles.  and next week a solid 5.  Fingers crossed I can do it.


On the days I don’t run, I will do light workouts in my garage (I have shared some of what I do on instagram) or at the park – I like to do workouts OUT of my house because it forces me to do something, even if it’s only 20 mins.  Plus my kids gets to play too so it’s a win win!

That’s all I got for today!  I have some other REAL runner friends, so as they recommend things, I will post weekly with my progress and which recipes I tried!  My progress posts will be shorter