The Quiet Ones – Here We Go!

It’s that time again that I start begging strangers to appreciate my work!

The Quiet Ones started with just a flicker of one “scene” in my mind back in July 2017 and since then, has grown into my second novel that I LOVED writing.  It’s very different from We All Fall Down, which makes me happy.  I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to create something else I was proud of without falling into the same pattern of writing, but I did it and I’m just as proud.  (Kinda like when you’re pregnant with your second child and think you can’t possibly love another person as much as the one you have).

Of course, however, I feel like it’s complete shit the second I sent out my first query but that’s how goes it when you’re a writer.  You can love what you do, or not, but it really doesn’t matter until someone else says it does.  And considering how I took the rejection the first time, I have decided a couple of things this time around.

  1. I’m not waiting a year – I’m going to reach out to as many agents as I can and give it a good 3-5 months.  It takes them about that long to respond, or not, and if I’m still not cool enough for them to take me on… I’ll self-publish… again.  Which I REALLY don’t want to.  I was and still am incredibly proud of my first novel and I know I have a strong story and characters… but I really don’t like ANYTHING beyond writing.  Promoting myself makes me cringe.  I don’t have a background in Marketing so Google has been my best friend these days and however ready I think it all is… it would be REALLY settling to know a professional marks it that way, rather than my own self.  It’s ONE very small but VERY large thing that would have allowed me to sleep a little better at night.  Selling a million copies would be lovely as well, but beggars can’t be choosers.
  2. I went a little more commercial this time around as far as my genre.  We All Fall Down was definitely more literary and that’s a sticky world.  I’m not a technical writer, I write how I speak, which is also… not very technical… so it’s hard to find a literary agent who likes something heavy, written the way I do it.  Also, I was in a completely different headspace when I wrote my first novel.  I was what… 21? 22?  My life was so different and definitely allowed me to provide the story I did which I love… but this time around, I wanted to touch on something different.  Still dark, still ME, just a different side of me.  Which I hope you all appreciate… agents too… please agents.

I have my Introduction posted in the sidebar if you’re interested in a little sneak peak into the book – but I BET you’re wondering “What’s it about Aimee!?”  Or maybe you’re not, not trying to assume your thoughts here, however you’re on my blog so you’re going to get what I want to give *wink*. Here’s what I got for ya!


It’s difficult to keep a secret in a small town, especially if that small town is located in the heart of a city home to over six million people.  And the more money you have, the more valuable your secrets become.  Nick Holmes, has the kind of presence and wealth that commands respect.  His marriage was also the envy of everyone they met so when Camille disappeared, nobody quite believed his story that she ran off with another man. They were even more skeptical when he spent time away and returned with, not only a new wife, but a new baby as well.

After Houston, TX was rocked by the largest, most devastating hurricane the Gulf Coast had seen in decades, he never expected his secrets to be uncovered by the very thing that threatened to bury the city completely.  As the community worked to piece their lives back together, Tara Ledger and her therapy dog, Lucus find the body of Camille Holmes underneath her home and immediately discovers that their family-friendly, highly sought-after community would see one the most shocking murder cases since it’s establishment.

The Quiet Ones tells a story of how four women’s lives completely change after their neighbor, and friend is found murdered. Each are connected somehow but work together to figure out what really happened to Camille.  Kate Collins who lost her bakery with the storm and is on the verge of divorce while trying to get her 2 kids through high school.  One of which suffering with Aspergers and the other is navigating through her own personal turmoil.  Tara Ledger, a widow and war veteran with PTSD and Gwen Holmes, the new bride to Nick Holmes who finds that her beloved husband came with more baggage than she bargained for.

You also get a glimpse from the “other side” as Detective Murphy is desperate to solve this case and knows, deep down, that Nick Holmes murdered his wife.  However, with age and Multiple Sclerosis not on her side, she is facing doubts from not only her superior, but her partner, Detective DeMarco and her husband, Roger.


I got about 2/3 through writing this manuscript and was STUCK.  I couldn’t figure out where to go, how to finish, what happens next when one day I was driving into Houston and decided to take a detour and visit the home I grew up in.  Turning into my old neighborhood made me more emotional than I expected and I was reminded so strongly of the hurricane that tore through the city just months before… immediately I decided to change my setting from the East coast to the South Coast… I wanted to have my book set in Houston.  My home town where so many important things happened that shaped who I am today.  That small change helped me complete the manuscript within a month from that visit.

I hope you all enjoy and continue to ride this rollercoaster with me!