Motivation Monday!

Today wanted to be bright and sunny – it really did.  It’s even, quite literally BRIGHT AND SUNNY!  I opened the window, watched the imaginary birds flit from flower to flower singing tunes similar to the ones in Disney movies – we will be going for a run, but I need it to warm up a LIIITTTTLE more so in the meantime, I sat for a moment to write down my 2018 personal goals.

Because – I like lists.  DUH.  And I’m a firm believer in, if you write it down and put that shit out into the universe, you’re forced to commit to them.  So, there I sat – all goal-y when I hear Cori scream from the other room.

If you have girls, you become so used to screaming because that’s apparently how girls play, but this one was pain.  She runs over with a giant bite mark on her cheek… the culprit… her savage little sister.  But, as I told my mother, she just ate yogurt, so I mean… the probiotics alone should counter any type of infection type sitch, right?  Idk.


I sat in complete horror for a couple minutes, because… I mean my kid just tried to eat her sister’s face and I am in a panic wondering how I will explain this one to her teacher at school tomorrow.   She got timeout, her iPad on lockdown for the day and I texted all my most unjudgy friends to see if their kids were biters too – Cori is my rule follower and has never gone Jeffery Dahmer on anybody so this is new to me and I didn’t want to over or under react.  Fingers crossed this was a one – time thing.

Now, that that’s over with, and I can get back to what this Monday was SUPPOSED to be, I want to share my goals with you!  Because everyone should work towards something, big or small all the time.

There will be MANY things I can’t “control” this year.  Many things I’ll fail at, things that will make me cry in a corner eating my children’s goldfish and fruit snacks while on my 3rd glass of wine… but THESE are things I know I can accomplish if I work my booty off.  It may not go as smoothly as I hope, but I will do it because I said I can.  It will be hard – but I WILL do it.


Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 10.45.07 AM

  1.  I already have the wheels in motion to publish We All Fall Down and so far, I’m on track to meet this particular goal.  It’s been years in the making and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel is truly one of the most amazing feelings in the world.  It’s not exactly how I wanted it to be published, but the work that is going into self-publishing is definitely HARD and has taught me that adjusting goals is not equal to lowering the bar you set for yourself.
  2. I have been working on The Quiet Ones since July 2017 and I originally wanted to have the first draft finished by the end of this month, but since I “adjusted” and am going to be publishing the first, I am pushing back my personal deadline on that so I can put all my literary focus onto WAFD.  However, I want it finished, edited and everything by December 2018 so that I can work on getting it published for early 2019.
  3. As much as I need and want to hit my writing goals, it’s important to me to read too.  That’s where I get my inspiration.  Seeing how other writer’s mold characters and scenery… how they play out certain situations and navigate their problems helps me to create my own stories.  Plus, I just love getting lost in a good book.  I do a lot of things to physically push myself because it helps keep my stress level low, but reading helps me mentally.  They all go hand in hand to make me feel like I’m living my fullest life.
  4. THIS GOAL – may truly be the most trying.  I reached my goal of running, not just one, but 2, 10K races last year.  I am SUPER proud of those, but something in me wants to see if I can do more.  I will be looking into how to best prepare for it and all the logistics, with having to train being a stay-at-home mother, on top of keeping up my blog and writing, but I CAN do this and I will.
  5. Lastly, this is one that keeps nagging at me.  I am still unsure as to what exactly this goal will mean for me – what exactly I want to add/expand on… but I know I want/need to.  Any feedback on that would be awesome!  What do you want to hear from me?  What can I do to keep you coming back!?

And there you have it!  Your little bit of motivation for this gorgeous Monday morning!  I hope that yours did not include biting, or a child stripping naked claiming she needs to potty, when you know damn well she doesn’t and you’re waiting to find pee somewhere on the floor.  Hopefully not by stepping in it.  Because that’s happened.