Another Year Gone, Bye!

When I started this blog, I wanted a name that would be memorable and meaningful.  I wanted something that truly touched on who I am, what I’d like to represent and what is important to me and my brand so to speak.  I landed on JourneyLust and something about that name has been a constant source of encouragement and inspiration for me over the last year plus.  I wake up everyday knowing that I made a commitment to myself, and no matter where I fall or succeed, it’s all about the journey and my attitude rather than what I actually achieve.  Along the way, I’ve found that I accomplish more because of that.

Last year, for my birthday post, I shared some of my favorite things, and today I wanted to do the same!  I initially wanted the theme of this post to be about things I really enjoyed over the past year, however as I went through the different things to share, I realize that all of them are things that I do to boost my mood.  Things that keep me happy, energized, and spread some kind of joy!  These things make me want to be a better human, they center me in some way and aid in me being a more confident individual and this flows into the whole wife and mommy thing.  We love to separate those-but that’s truly impossible.  Being a woman requires a delicate balance and we get so overwhelmed with the idea that we HAVE to do them all 100% and can’t unless something fails.  If we are amazing moms, we suck at our careers and vice versa.  Something is always going to pull focus from something else.  But, this whole year, I made it my mission to enjoy the chaos – and I so did.  I have achieved some goals failed miserable at others… but I’ve ENJOYED the journey – I LUST for more of it.  I compete only with myself and I hope that 31 allows me to be even more successful than 30 did!

SOOOO!!!!  Here we go!

First, of course, I have to force these amazing collection of words on you, because if DSC05326anyone gets sucked into a book that way I did by Caroline Kepnes, then I neeeeeeed to hear about it.  I need it on my shelves, and I need to read it.  You and Hidden Bodies are by far my favorite reads of 2017.  I have had many that were pretty great, but these… I mean if you can get your reader to have the hots for a psychopath… you have perfected your craft and you should never pay for another glass of wine for the rest of your life.  And should I ever have the opportunity to buy Ms. Kepnes a bottle or 3… I will… and I will probably embarrass myself somehow, but hopefully not in a way that makes her call security, and more in a way that makes her want to be friends with me.

I really want to challenge myself to read 2 books a month at least, this year.  It’s the best for my creativity, to decompress and just to do something that’s JUST for me.  I know I talk about that a lot, but 90% of my life and the things that I do (and enjoy) also work towards the health and happiness of my family – which is amazing, but reading and writing is for me.  I love it, and I want to make sure that I keep up with this for my own heart and soul.

Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 4.35.01 PM.pngI also really want to keep up with the good work I’ve been doing as far as my exercise habits.  I never set out on that part of this journey to inspire anyone.  It was more about being in the best shape I could be, and finding ways to make time for that and still get the results I want, or close enough that I feel satisfied.  Along the way, I have received so many positive messages and words that it was that much more uplifting and made it an even more beautiful experience for me.  For that, I thank those of you who follow me and take the time to share your thoughts with me.  It’s amazing, you’re amazing and I hope that if any of you who have sought my advice, have found it helpful!


These are my MUST HAVES as far as equipment to purchase for your home – you can do SO many different things with the bosu and yoga balls – and I have a set of 15-lb, a 20 lb, set of 8-lb and 10 lb kettle. bells.  (However I mostly use the 15,20 and bosu). I have debated over sharing my workout routines on my blog, or just keeping it to instagram… I am not sure how helpful it actually is, or if anyone even cares/needs it given there are SO many ladies out there who do it way better than I do (I follow them for LOTS of ideas) – however if I get enough requests, I may start thinking of ways to incorporate that.  So sound off if you want more of that!

On the flip side, with all the muscle and endurance I’ve gained… I’ve also received a few DSC04576extras… and these aren’t the most wonderful – wrinkles.  “Noooooo!!!”  I don’t mind aging gracefully, but I just think my skin needs more help than I’ve been doing for it.  I’m not a huge “beauty regimented” person, but clearly, mama needs to start that shit because when I really look at my face… it’s getting to a point that I’m about to just call a witch doctor and make some sort of deal with the devil… until then, I’m starting to look into products that will help a sistah out.  I like things that are more natural – Beauty Counter has been the one I’ve been flirting with and I’ve been using Aveeno products for a while, but I think my skin is too tragic for that.  So, luckily I was gifted the charcoal bar and mask for Christmas and I do KIND of see some positive differences, but what I REALLY need is stuff for the bags and dark circles and those products cost about the same as a months worth of preschool… however I have to weigh the importance of each.  My kid is pretty smart and self sufficient, so she may just have to self teach from now on if this under eye cream helps.  (Just kidding… but I do really need to figure something out… I’ve heard preparation H helps – but I need something more long term than ass cream).

DSC05239On a lighter note!  Or darker… redish…liquidy-er note: WINE!   This one is my new favorite (it was close between this and a Bordeaux my husband picked up at Costco) However, I do love me a good Pinot (or any wine less than $10).  This one is amazing – so try it.

I also love a good craft project – I post those on my instagram as I do them – Pinterest offers a lot of GREAT inspiration, as you all possibly agree, and I find they are fun and really boost my positive energy when I’m feeling a little stressed.  I love adding fun decorative accents to our home – and I’m a bit of a minimalist as it is, so if I’m adding decor, it’s useful, simple and EASY – because although I do love crafting… I can’t do anything too intense. HA!

Thank you all for being a constant source of support and encouragement.  For laughing with me, having empathy when I have those tougher days and just being friends.  I have always been a person who allows myself to overthink and let a bad minute turn into a bad hour, day, week… so I am happy with myself that THIS year was not like that.  I let myself have a bad minute- whatever that minute required… I did it… but then I pushed passed it and moved onto something that made me happy, or cleared my mind – and if ANY of these things help you… then it’s worth the effort!


I hope you all have a FANTASTIC year and find ways to enjoy YOUR journey!  Because truly, my BIGGEST and BEST piece of advice I can ever give (as if I’m in a position to do that) is just don’t take yourself too seriously.  That’s no fun… and there’s plenty of time for it… nobody makes time to be silly anymore.  And that’s a modern tragedy.