Post-Christmas Post

It’s the day after Christmas and all through the house, all creatures were wailing because none of them want to clean up the toys Santa brought them the day before and mommy and daddy are testing the human body with high amounts of caffeine.  The good thing is, we escaped this holiday with no injuries and the girls are sharing their new treasures much better than I expected – SUCCESS!  Although, most of our photos are of Diem on her tricycle because she refused to get off of it… I can confirm that she did, in fact, enjoy her other presents.  And they finally reached an age where they both sat and let Daddy read ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas – which I thoroughly enjoyed.


This is probably the first year that I am actually anxious to put the decorations away – I LOVE Christmas, but my husband managed to surprise me , once again, with the most gorgeous present (will share a photo once I get this baby up) and I need to get the Christmas out of the way so I can get her hung!  Also, this year has just REALLY tested me as far as making sure I had everything organized, purchased, on time and (most of all) enjoyable!  My husband jokingly calls me the house manager… but it’s no joke… I can confidently say this place would fall apart without my obnoxious planning.  I think a lot of parents begin to dread this season because it’s exhausting, WHICH IT IS – but I never want to lose the magic.  Not for my kids and not for myself.  So, poke fun at me if you will… but being neurotic has its perks.


However, after hosting Thanksgiving, navigating being a mom of a kid in preschool (way more of a mess than I imagined- me being the mess-my obnoxiousness doesn’t always pan out) and working in our holiday travels, I was REALLY feeling tired.  However, every year since we got married, we make a prime rib for our Christmas dinner.  I have learned since having children, that trying to do this for dinner time… is just not happening.  While I have to prepare meat and time veggies, the kids will be hungry for lunch, and serving them peanut butter and jelly in this pinch doesn’t feel too Christmas-y.  SO!  we do a Christmas lunch, and have roast beef au jus for dinner and the kids happily throw all the new things they got around while simultaneously screeching.  Let me tell you, this year couldn’t have been more relaxing (when we really needed it to be at least).  Today – not so much, but my pre working is still coursing through my soul and I will get this house de-Christmas’d and deglittered faster than these kids can yell “Happy New Year!”


But, back to the foods.

While my family watched A Christmas Story (a Guidry family tradition that I have forced onto my husband and children) I seasoned my meat and started it around 7:45 so that it would be ready for lunch.  You can find this recipe as well as the one for yeast rolls in the Food link!  The sides, I wanted to change up what we usually do with them.  Do veggies sound fun?  Probably not, but we are still so bloated from Thanksgiving, I just can’t look at butter for a while.  If you click on the photos, you’ll be taken to the link I got the recipes from (both so easy, SO delicious and still on the healthier side).


When the prime rib hit about 100 degrees, I began boiling my water for the Brussels sprouts, boiled them for 10 mins, threw them in the ice bath and prepped for the oven.  Once the prime rib was finished (I cooked it to 143 – pulled it out, covered in foil to keep warm and settle) I put in the Brussels sprouts and carrots – after about 20 mins, I removed the sprouts, poured the glaze over the carrots, and threw in the rolls.


The roast raised to about 150/155 once out of the oven, which honestly, people SAY they want it to be really pink, but when it’s that fatty… we just don’t like the consistency, so when it’s a LITTLE pink, it’s still so incredibly tender and juicy, and really reheats well for the sandwich leftovers.  And special shoutout to Chris for his amazing creme brûlée!

I really feel like I nailed our dinner this year, perfecting my seasoning amounts for the prime, timing the veggies so nothing was cold and having it ready FOR lunch time before my kids started screaming for goldfish out of utter starvation.  This meal was fun, and my biggest piece of advice, is PLAN.  I’m a planner, some would say obsessive, but hey… we all have our flaws.


So, for your next holiday meal, or event – try one or all of these and you won’t be disappointed!  Unless your kids don’t eat vegetables, and I’m sorry… bribery helps.


We hope everyone had a beautiful holiday season this year and that you all are going into 2018 with positivity and happiness!  Or enough gift cards to purchase so much wine that you’ll get through at least a good bit of the new year.

Keep an eye out for my next post – it’s my birthday and I’ll be 31 and sharing some of my favorite things from 2017!