Classics We Love

People develop a love for reading in their own personal ways.  It can take time to figure out what truly speaks to you and know what will hold your interest long enough to complete something that takes time away from other activities that you also enjoy.  A lot of people desire the stimulation of others and aren’t fulfilled by sitting alone with a book…

I, on the other hand, found over the years that although I can be a social person and enjoy the company of othes… the things that fuel me most and recharge my mind and soul, are things I can do alone.  Solitary hobbies force you to find your own interests and help you connect with your own needs/wants/desires.  In turn, this creates within you a more confident being and allows you to be (hopefully) a more well-rounded person to present to those other members of society that you like… or dislike… and maybe it helps you deal with those assholes too.

Anyway, I shared on my instagram our absolutely FAVORITE bedtime books.  The Piggie and Gerald series are just phenomenal because they cover real life situations, and how to deal with them while presenting it in a simple and sometimes comical way!  After posting about those, I thought I would share some of our favorite classics that I grew up on (and probably most of you did too)!

While I love books that have a strong message, I also appreciate the ones that are created to help children develop their brains in other ways.  Recognizing objects, patterns, or just simply build on that beautiful creativity that so many of us start to ignore as we get older.  Which brings me to our eight picks! (Why not 10? Because I did have 10, but I realized 2 weren’t necessarily classics and I already took my pictures before we left town… and I’m super professsshhhhhh)



For one, we read Goodnight Moon to Cori since practically birth – and as we read, we would point to the objects the mouse was saying goodnight to.  Does that seem pretty basic?  It is, and that is exactly what a baby/child’s mind needs.  Basic recognition.  As she got older, she would point, then as she learned to speak, before bed she would list her own objects in her room to say ‘goodnight’ to.  Which obviously makes her a genius… I wrote a letter to Harvard… still waiting on my response for early acceptance.

DSC03601.JPGDiem is loving If You Give A Mouse A Cookie lately, which she is already beginning to repeat some of the words or phrases and I love this book!  Not only are both of these picks short and sweet, but they are ones that build that confidence in the girls where they know what’s coming and take pride in “reading” it to me!  And, after a long day of momming… short and sweet is about all I can muster… 2 birds, 1 stone… then mama gets to pour up the wine and watch Game of Thrones with Dad… again… ANYWAY the reason this one is so great, is it shows that idea of cause and effect… if you give him a cookie, he’ll want a class of milk… and if he gets the milk he’ll want a straw… let’s ignore the fact that this mouse is probably spreading rabies all over the damn house… but hey… for the love of child development, right?

As you may know by now, I have a thing for sarcasm, and these books push those funny boundaries in a kid friendly way.  Sarcasm can be used to be rude, but it can also be helpful when trying to make someone laugh, or to just let loose and not take ourselves so damn seriously.  Stinky Cheese Man & The True Story Of The Three Little Pigs are just the cutest damn books and although the former is fairly long, it’s definitely worth a spot on your family bookshelf.


The beauty of books is no two are the same, when it comes to writing styles.  Every author places their unique stamp on the literary world.  Shel Silverstein is no different.  You many recognize his book The Giving Tree but he also wrote several books with short poems for children.  Poetry is wonderful in that it pushes your brain a little more creatively than most other writing.  Even fictional stories are fairly straightforward.  Beginning, middle, end.  But, his poetry is fun, short, illustrations are simple and silly and many could be helpful when trying to find something for poetry contests at school!  Another lovely writer, whose books make me so emotional I can’t break them out too often because I’ll just cry and beg my children to have mercy on my heart and never grow up – Nancy Tillman.  This came with a set of 3 and each are as enchanting as the next.  They’re also short, the illustrations are gorgeous and it’s a soothing bedtime read.


Lastly, I have these two which were also made into movies, so if you check them out, your kids will LOVE how they are brought to life on screen.  As adults, we love to read books, then see the movie out of curiosity.  We want to see how different or similar they are, who they chose for which characters.  I also found they did a short series on the Very Hungry Caterpillar that can be found on Netflix!  (Thank you Netflix for giving my children at least one other thing we can watch besides Moana).


There you have it!  I hope you either check these out with your little monsters, or are already sharing our love of them!  Leave me a comment with your family favorites below!  We are always looking to add to our library and (as most avid readers know) it’s MUCH nicer getting a solid recommendation, rather than buying and hoping for the best.  However, children’s book are a TAD easier to skim through before making a commitment.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Keep your eye out for my next post in a couple weeks – I’m turning 31 next month and I’ll be sharing some of my favorite things in life as well as a little bit more about ME!

Since I obviously love to overshare.