Blog It Forward

I am coming up on the 1 year birthday of this lovely blog, so today I wanted to “blog it forward” to three of my dear friends who have jumped into this wordy world with me to share their own story!  Starting a blog is a difficult thing because you have to open yourself up completely, or people won’t really take interest in what you have to say.  You also have to keep in mind that you’ll face criticism.  Criticism of yourself, from others – and you may even receive more of THAT than positive feedback because… well… that’s just how life goes.

Having a little community of support like we have with one another (and gaining followers who somehow think you’re cool enough to take time from their day to sit and read about your life) can be everything for us.  Especially those of us who NEED them, because, well we are writers.  So, if nobody likes our blog, we can pretty much guarantee they won’t like our book(s).  And wouldn’t that kind of suck?

Anyway… without further ado, I introduce you to my bloggin’ boos who have beautiful and unique stories of their own that you should absolutely check out.

Alisha Price is a mother of 4 who was recently diagnosed with MS.  If that doesn’t seem Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 11.36.09 AM“Wow” enough, one of her children is a teenager that she adopted after marrying her husband.  Her family has faced SO many obstacles over the last couple of years between having two babies back to back, dealing with her extremely bright and well adjusted son now struggling with adapting to a new family and moving to a new home, the additional struggles of a teenager who has gone through severe physical and mental abuse since practically birth, then add on a once in a lifetime disastrous hurricane and you can safely say… it wasn’t their year.  However, if you know her, the woman is always magnanimous, no matter what her MS, or children, or multiple moves and loss both physically and emotionally… she doesn’t complain.  She makes time for her family and her friends, she manages to find humor even on her darkest days but remains realistic and incredibly positive through it all.  I admire her as a mother, as a friend and as a human being.  So go check out her blog at

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 11.36.32 AMThis next lady is one I’ve known pretty much my whole life, and pretty much my while life I’ve been obsessed with her.  Not in a creepy, lock your doors way, but I mean look at her.  She’s painfully gorgeous, has an unwavering love of all things creepy, Harry Pottery and Disney Princessy and she recently got to visit the Stanley Hotel… from the movie The Shining… like… the amount of jealousy behind these words is disgusting.  Anyway, she’s a mama of two hilarious babes, has lived and traveled allllll over and (like me) is writing a novel!  So MOST of our conversations are about how our work is probably complete shit, or that our kids are covered IN shit, or something in our house smells LIKE shit… and we discuss this over wine… over text because we can’t seem to ever live in the same city.  BUT – do yourself a favor, and check out her blog.  Her writing is what I wish I could put out, but somehow fall short and I have described her style of writing before as if she were painting a beautiful picture and by the time you’ve reached the end, you just NEED to read more.  It’s that amazing.  I’m sure you can carve out a few minutes for that, or at least do it to look at her gorgeous face, and gorgeous family in their gorgeously silly life.


And now I bring you to another anniversary of sorts.  I met this mama on our jennikhouryphotography.KlemmFamily-7honeymoon almost 5 years ago!  Well, not OUR honeymoon… we were on honeymoons with our husbands… but then we bonded over frozen alcoholic beverages and beach chairs, and things have been pretty serious ever since.  She is a real estate agent in California, with a firefighter husband and the cutest wild child daughter (and a bun in the oven)… literally and like the cooking kind.  Not only is she a busy, working mom who I still can’t understand how anyone can look THAT good on no sleep while creating a child, but I’m going to just say she’s some kind of Glenda the good witch type person… but she creates the most AMAZING food that she finally decided to share with the rest of us!  I’m hoping she throws in some decor/design ideas for the home as well – hint hint – because some of us need that kind of help.  Anyway, follow her blog at, for tips on real estate, recipes and just to learn about this fabulous woman!

All three of these ladies are so special to me.  Not only have they been wonderful friends, but they have been a constant source of support along my own journey over the last couple of years.  They have offered laughs, alcohol, worse vomit stories and general torment from their children that make me know I’m not alone.  I’ve posted before about how women are strange creatures as far as being able to be genuinely happy over another’s success or attempts at success, and these are models for not only sincerity but an inner beauty that is so very rare these days.

Thank you all for your continued support and positive feedback.  I do hope one day I can make all of you proud and get something published.  In the meantime, I’ll keep on workin’ and keep on cheers’ing my fellow mamas for being badasses… really ridiculously beautiful ones.