Who Makes the Rules Anyway?

IMG_6488.JPGWe did it.  We chose a school and Cori starts in September.  I scooped up the creatures and drove over in my workout clothes and sweat stained hat before I lost my courage and backed out.  The idea of giving my child over to complete strangers a couple times a week has given me stupid anxiety and I knew I had to just rip the bandaid for both of our benefits.  We now have 6 months to get her potty trained.  Which seems a reasonable amount of time, but my child is headstrong and I’m assuming in one of her past lives, a potty either offended her in some way or someone offed her with one because she literally goes 50 shades of psycho when we discuss it.  BUT – we got this.  We can totally get this.  I have a bag of bribes and 3 different princess panties to get this.  It will be gotten.

That said, I felt immediate relief upon meeting the staff.  They’re amazing.  I believe my friend referred to them as ‘from fairytales’ and it’s true!  I am usually a complete and total spaz when meeting other adults… I may be 30 but I still can’t form a full sentence without saying something awkward or appearing like I have Tourettes.  Writing, I can do… I have time to think of what I want to say, but in person… like a deer in headlights.  (I don’t interview well).  Good thing they can’t refuse a child based on how incredibly insane their parents seem.  The staff promised that other parents are equally clueless.  That did help.  I’d like to meet them though… 1. Because I want proof that I’m not the only freak living in Lafayette and 2.  I need friends that won’t judge me for wearing dinosaur socks.  I bet my husband is thinking “How lucky am I!?”  Right about now.

Anyway… so we move forward to the registration process, which is literally one form where they ask a bunch of questions that you’re not sure of their relevancy, but you do it because it’s the rules.  I wrote down about my husband and how he’s got this super smart people job where he’s all important and does important shit and then move along to my section.  I’ve really loathed the ‘mom’ section lately.  I’ve had to fill it out for the pediatrician, the orthopedist, the hospital, Costco and now, the school.  I stay home, OK!  I stay hoooommeeee.  I stared a beat too long at that stupid line, watching it mock me.  Making me feel inadequate as the sweet registrar smiles, waiting for me to finish rambling about something… I can’t remember about what because on top of how awkward I am, I completely black out during the whole thing.  Kinda like people who face trauma, and their subconscious blocks it out for them… I wanted to take a moment to promise her that I’m not a complete freakshow, but I already had to do that at the pediatric dentist a month ago, so I felt like that card was full.  So, I fill in the damned line and rolled my kids around as we are given a tour of the school.  I enthusiastically show Cori what will be her classroom and show her the fun playground she will get to play on and we say our goodbyes.  And all I can think about is…

Could I have put ‘Writer’ on that line?  Should I have?  No… I’m not a writer… not really.  Aside from a blog that I created that probably gets less views than the home shopping network at 3am, I got nothin.  So why would I even think that?  Who determines that anyway?  Why do they need the damn title anyway!?  I just scribbled down ‘stay home’ like a sad, defeated, sweaty little mother and moved right along, thinking in my head “well, I wrote a damn book… so there!”

Which I know many of you think (because you tell me) that writing a book is a big deal, an accomplishment to be proud of.  ‘And you did it with kids!’  As sweet and comforting as that is to hear, I also get the look of “Ok… you wrote a book.”  As if that’s no big feat.  Not interesting.  No idea what it’s about, or that it took several months.  It’s just a cute thing I did to pass the time to a lot of people.  Not something to be taken seriously.   Or maybe it’s ME they don’t take seriously.  I haven’t actually brought in any income with it yet.  They probably think I’m just kidding myself.  And that’s OK… it doesn’t offend me or hurt my feelings because I am aware of what my ‘work’ is.  And the value of it.  And that it’s good.  So if/when I do find an agent/publisher, I will have my vindication.  And I will fill in ‘Writer’.

No new recipe for today, technically…. Just changed up my Tortilla Soup because it just wasn’t quite what I wanted before… it is now… so go make it.  NOW!  And then I offered another way to prefer the pork roast/pulled pork – this way is a little easier – less steps and still delish.


I went ahead and changed some of the ingredients because the taste just wasn’t what I was going for… It’s still good and if you liked it before, stick to it, but REALLY prefer it this way and this is how I wanted it to taste to begin with.

https://thejourneylust.com/2016/12/08/the-mom-sweats/Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 10.45.09 AM.png

For this, if you wanted a simpler version, you can do the dry rub with the seasonings on the pork itself.  then whisk together all of the wet ingredients.  put it in the crockpot, place the roast and diced onion in and when it’s finished… toast your slider buns for 2 minutes, put some of the pulled pork and then drizzle a bit of Sweet Baby Ray’s and done.  Easy peasy! And REALLY good.