I Saw the Sign!… Kind Of

IMG_5480.JPGNothing quite like getting another sign from beyond to get your hopes back up!  My parents decided to get me a subscription to Writer’s Digest for my birthday, which is pretty great considering I need all the tips and advice I can get!  It is definitely information overload, which often gets me flustered, but I need it, so I will sip my wine and learn me some things about being a better writer as well as gain inspiration.

Well, what do ya know, I get not one, but TWO issues this weekend and one has “Write that novel” across the front and the other has my absolute favorite author gracing the cover… so if that doesn’t scream “You’re going to get published!”  I don’t know what will.  It probably means nothing… it IS Writer’s Digest after all and Liane Moriarty does have an HBO series coming out… but I like to think they’re signs… because I’m a sign person.  Even though half the time they mean nothing.

Want a for instance?

Sure ya do!

So, Ladybugs bring good luck, right?  OK… well I have had ladybugs all over my life for the past 2 years, and when we moved to our new house they quit coming.  Pretty harsh breakup if you ask me, but I figured good luck can only last so long.  I mean, other people need those ladybugs.  They were replaced, however, with butterflies, which I googled… because signs… and those mean something like “new beginnings” or some shit and I’m all… SCORE!  Because book.  So while I’m riding that high, I decided to go for a jog with the kids, because carbs, and a ladybug lands on me while running!  I mean… can I have better karma or WHAT?!

Since then, I have really focused myself on finding ways to balance life so that all the moving parts of this family get their appropriate attention and nobody feels neglected.  Especially me.  I start my blog and take that leap and as I’m scrolling Facebook one afternoon, because writer’s block, and see someone post about bugs that appear to be ladybugs, but aren’t.

…Ladybug… imposters?!


Bugs that lie about their identity to get unsuspecting humans to want to hold them, and cherish them and find meanings in them, only to get bitten.


I force myself to keep living life, I mean… I’m not going to let the last two years be a lie, but that shit threw me off.  I can’t only focus on the good signs, there are bad signs too. I guess this could mean that there will be road blocks, as many people face when working toward their goals.  Or maybe it means nothing and I’m slowly slipping into a senility that will make my husband need to commit me so I stop talking to bugs.

I guess I need to just grow up or out of these quirks that I have.  Maybe not.  I have a friend who believes in all that nonsense too, but her signs usually do end up producing something, which makes me a bit jealous, because I had committed myself to many signs over the years that bear no fruits for me… *eye roll*.   I’ll just live vicariously through her moments and fantasize about the day one of mine actually amount to something.  At this point it’s more of a determination.  Eye of the tiger type deal.

Long story short,  I’m going to read and reread the lovely, honest and inspirational words of Mrs. Moriarty because I know that giving up is not an option.  Weather a butterfly flutters around me, or a ladybug betrays me or a unicorn farts right on my face, my success is up to me.  It’s in my hands.

With that said, I really need to send my query out to more agents.  I’ve been making a hell of a lot of excuses to postpone it lately.  I have had a hell of a lot of excuses, in my defense, but I have to keep my momentum going!  We finally have our little rhythm back, kind of, if we even had one to begin with.  The crickets I’ve been hearing from my inbox are, annoying, to say the least.  I mean, it’s a good book!  I swear!  I think?  People said it is good!… they are my friends, so they kind of have to, but that’s besides the point.

While I gorge on cookies and crack open another bottle to build up my courage, I will read…and reread…and rereread my query and find more agents that I’d like to reach out to.  I will make a goal this week to send to 5 more.

Meanwhile, here is my venison stew recipe!  My husband went all “me provide for family!” a couple weeks ago and brought home some venison and asked for me to figure something out for the ground meat.  So here it is!  And not freakin bad for my first try.  I’m trying to create more recipes on my own because, well for one it’s fun and two it has given me something to focus on that isn’t my oldest child’s broken leg, and my other child’s sudden lack of interest in food.  Teething blows.  But this stew doesn’t!

Small Victories.

(Side note:  A ladybug landed on Cori today while we played outside)

Venison StewIMG_5433.JPG

2 lb ground deer meat

1 tsp paprika

1 tsp salt

1/2 tsp pepper

2 -3 tsp sage

1 tbsp rosemary

1 tbsp olive oil

1 yellow onion, diced

2 garlic cloves, crushed

1 jalapeno, diced

3 carrots, peeled and sliced

2 red potatoes, cubed

4 stalks celery, sliced

1 bell pepper, diced

1 can white kidney beans

1 can red kidney beans

1 can diced tomatoes, no salt added

2 cups beef broth

1 1/2 cup red wine

1 cup water

1 tbsp corn starch

1/2 tbsp honey


  1. Brown your ground meat in a dutch oven and season with 1/2 tsp of the paprika, salt, pepper, rosemary and sage.  Once it’s browned, add in the onion and garlic.  Stir until softened.
  2. Toss in the carrots, red potatoes, celery, beans, tomatoes, bell pepper, jalapeño as well as the broth, wine, honey, cornstarch and water.
  3. Blend well and bring to a boil.  Turn heat down and let simmer for 30-40 mins.

You can also do this in your crockpot – low for 6, high for 8.  It’s even better the next day!